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Solitons and double-layers of electron-acoustic waves in magnetized plasma; an application to auroral zone plasma

submitted by snawyjion 2 years and 1 month ago
A theoretical investigation is carried out for understanding the properties of electron-acoustic potential structures (i.e., solitary waves and double-layers) in a magnetized plasma whose constituents are a cold magnetized electron fluid, hot electrons obeying a nonthermal distribution, and stationary ions. For this purpose, the hydrodynamic equations for the cold magnetized electron fluid, nonthermal electron density distribution, and the Poisson equation are used to derive the corresponding nonlinear evolution equation; modified Zakharov–Kuznetsov (MZK) equation, in the small amplitude regime. The MZK equation is analyzed to examine the existence regions of the solitary pulses and double-layers. It is found that rarefactive electron-acoustic solitary waves and double-layers strongly depend on the density and temperature ratios of the hot-to-cold electron species as well as the nonthermal electron parameter.

Topic: Geography

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