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Self-Compassion: A Concept Analysis

submitted by wmotlock 1 year and 11 months ago
This concept analysis uses a modification of the evolutionary method (Rodgers, 1989) to identify the antecedent, attributes, and consequences of self-compassion. The antecedent to self-compassion is suffering, experienced in six possible realms: an event, a situation, an emotional response, a psychological state, spiritual alienation, or a physical response to illness or pain. Suffering has three dimensions: intrapersonal, interpersonal, and contextual. Suffering manifests as a pattern of decreased self-care, decreased ability to relate to others, and diminished autonomy. The attributes of self-compassion are self-kindness, mindfulness, commonality, and wisdom. The consequences of self-compassion are the opposite of the antecedent: self-compassion manifests as a pattern of increased self-care capacity, compassion for others, and increased relatedness, autonomy, and sense of self. Ideal, borderline and contrary cases of self-compassion provide examples of the concept. The article concludes with a discussion of implications of the concept of self-compassion for nursing practice and research.

Topic: Health

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