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Clinical Value of ELISA-MPT64 for the Diagnosis of Tuberculous Pleurisy

submitted by neronjonhigdi 2 years and 1 month ago
Tuberculous pleurisy is one of the common extrapulmonary tuberculosis diseases. However, the diagnosis of tuberculous pleurisy still lacks a useful and effective tool, mainly due to paucity of Mycobacterium tuberculosis organisms in pleural effusion. Previous studies have confirmed that the MPT64 protein is highly specific and is secreted only by M. tuberculosis (MTB) complex. Therefore, in this study, we developed ELISA based on recombinantly expressed MPT64 in combination with rabbit polyclonal antibodies. The ELISA-MPT64 method was validated using MTB strains and tested against clinical samples. Nested PCR, Löwenstein–Jensen (L–J) culture and smear microscopy were employed as the comparative tools for assessing the performance of the assay. Our results demonstrate that the newly established ELISA-MPT64 technique is a rapid and useful tool for the diagnosis of tuberculous pleurisy.

Topic: Biology

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