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Use of Nitinol Stents for End-Stage Tracheal Collapse in Dogs

submitted by gorfeildcot8338 1 year and 10 months ago
To report bronchoscopic placement of nitinol stents (Vet Stent—Trachea®) for improvement of end-stage clinical signs in dogs with tracheal collapse. Case series. Sample PopulationDogs (n = 18). Medical records (January 1, 2004–October 31, 2008) were searched for dogs with a diagnosis of tracheal collapse; 18 dogs met inclusion criteria. Tracheal diameter was compared before and after stent deployment. Stent dimensions were compared after stent deployment and at radiographic follow-up. There was a significant difference in the minimum tracheal diameter when initial and post deployment tracheal diameters were compared (P = .003). Stent length was significantly shorter at follow-up when compared to post deployment measurements (P = .004). Owner assessment of outcome was available for all dogs with 11.1% mortality within 60 days. Complications were documented in 9 dogs. Use of a nitinol stent (Vet Stent—Trachea®) in dogs with end-stage tracheal collapse is associated with a fair to good outcome despite significant temporal stent fore shortening after bronchoscopic placement.

Topic: Agriculture

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