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Conscientious vs. ambivalent consumers: Do concerns about energy availability and climate change influence consumer behaviour?

submitted by ilessor 1 year and 4 months ago
Energy availability and climate change are interrelated concerns with economic components. They need to be addressed by policy makers and they require changes in energy consumption. This study examines whether concerns about energy availability and climate change influence consumer behaviour, policy perceptions, and beliefs about future energy consumption. This question is investigated by analysing data from the Eurobarometer 75.4, a comprehensive survey of citizens from all countries of the European Union that was conducted in June 2011 (n =26,840). The regression results show that people concerned about climate change were significantly more likely to take action to mitigate climate change, and to be more favourably disposed towards energy policies and future changes in energy consumption, than people who were not concerned about climate change. On the other hand, people who were concerned about energy availability undertook fewer actions and neither supported energy policies nor believed in future changes in energy consumption. This surprising finding raises questions regarding the adequate communication of energy availability and policies to the public in the European Union. Climate change, energy availability, and the economy are interrelated concerns. Survey data from all countries of the European Union is used (n =26,840). Climate change concerned people were found to show more environmentally significant behaviours. People concerned about energy availability behave in a less energy friendly way. raise questions regarding the communication of energy policies to the public.

Topic: Biology

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