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Space Supervision and Guidance of Eruption in Management of Lower Transitional Crowding: A Non-extraction Approach

submitted by ftamin 8 months ago
Mandibular incisor crowding in the mixed dentition is one of the most common problems presenting to the orthodontist. Asymmetry of alignment, premature loss of primary canine(s), and disruption in arch integrity are all early benchmarks of a tooth size/arch length discrepancy in the transitional dentition that can occur independent of any skeletal discrepancy. Space supervision, guidance of eruption, pre-orthodontic guidance, and interceptive orthodontics are all terms that have been used to refer to the treatment of crowding discrepancies presenting during the early to mid-mixed dentition. Generally considered applicable to individuals with adequate overall arch dimensions to accommodate a normal complement of permanent teeth with an acceptable esthetic and functioning occlusion, guidance of eruption involves the implementation of directed interventions to optimize the eruption and alignment patterns of the permanent teeth as part of a non-extraction protocol.

Topic: Health

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