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Mites from Cerrado fragments and adjacent soybean crops: does the native vegetation help or harm the plantation?
submitted by mecralrimideis 1 hour ago - Topic: Biology
Ing to recognize the distribution patterns of the mite fauna in soybean crops and to determine the existence of similarity in the composition of species between Cerrado fragments and these plantations, samplings were carried out in 10 areas located in Brazilian Mid-Western and Southeastern regions. Each area was comprised of one fragment of Cerrado sensu stricto and one adjacent soybean crop pl...

MicroRNA-21 coordinates Human Multipotent Cardiovascular Progenitors Therapeutic Potential
submitted by sason227 1 hour ago - Topic: Biology
Published clinical trials in patients with ischemic diseases show limited benefit of adult stem cell-based therapy, likely due to their restricted plasticity and commitment towards vascular cell lineage. We aim to uncover the potent regenerative ability of MesP1/SSEA-1-expressing cardiovascular progenitors enriched from human embryonic stem cells (hESC). Injection of only 104 hESC-derived SSEA-...

MiR-7, inhibited indirectly by LincRNA HOTAIR, directly inhibits SETDB1 and reverses the EMT of breast cancer stem cells by downregulating the STAT3 pathway
submitted by sason227 1 hour ago - Topic: Biology
Epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) contributes to tumor invasion and metastasis in many cancers and correlates highly with the acquisition of cancer stem cell (CSC) characteristics. EMT also correlates with changes in specific microRNAs (miRNAs) that have already been integrated into tumorigenic programs as either oncogenes or tumor suppressor genes. Here we show that miR-7, which was down...

Specific mesothelial signature marks the heterogeneity of mesenchymal stem cells from high-grade serous ovarian cancer
submitted by sason227 1 hour ago - Topic: Biology
Mesenchymal Stem/Stromal Cells (MSCs) are the precursors of various cell types that compose both normal and cancer tissue microenvironments. In order to support the widely diversified parenchymal cells and tissue organization, MSCs are characterized by a large degree of heterogeneity, although available analyses of molecular and transcriptional data do not provide clear evidence. We have isolat...

Lkb1 is indispensable for skeletal muscle development, regeneration and satellite cell homeostasis
submitted by sason227 1 hour ago - Topic: Biology
Stk11, commonly known as Lkb1, is a tumor suppressor that regulates cellular energy metabolism and stem cell function. Satellite cells are skeletal muscle resident stem cells that maintain postnatal muscle growth and repair. Here, we used MyoDCre/Lkb1flox/flox mice (called MyoD-Lkb1) to delete Lkb1 in embryonic myogenic progenitors and their descendant satellite cells and myofibers. The MyoD-Lk...

SMAD signaling regulates CXCL12 expression in the bone marrow niche, affecting homing and mobilization of hematopoietic progenitors
submitted by sason227 1 hour ago - Topic: Biology
We recently demonstrated that ex vivo activation of SMAD-independent BMP4 signaling in hematopoietic stem/progenitor cells (HSPCs) influences their homing into the bone marrow (BM). We here assessed if alterations in BMP signaling in vivo affects adult hematopoiesis by affecting the BM niche. We demonstrate that systemic inhibition of SMAD-dependent BMP signaling by infusion of the BMP antagoni...

A distinct DNA methylation signature defines breast cancer stem cells and predicts cancer outcome
submitted by sason227 1 hour ago - Topic: Biology
Self-renewal and differentiation are two epigenetic programs that regulate stem cells fate. Dysregulation of these two programs leads to the development of cancer stem cells (CSCs). Recent evidence suggests that CSCs are relatively resistant to conventional therapies and responsible for metastasis formation. Deciphering these processes will help understand oncogenesis and allow the development ...

HMGN family proteins promote astrocyte differentiation of neural precursor cells
submitted by sason227 1 hour ago - Topic: Biology
Astrocytes are the most abundant cell type in the mammalian brain and are important for the functions of the central nervous system (CNS). Although previous studies have shown that the STAT signaling pathway or its regulators promote the generation of astrocytes from multipotent neural precursor cells (NPCs) in the developing mammalian brain, the molecular mechanisms that regulate the astrocyti...

Novel cell lines isolated from mES cells exhibiting de novo methylation of the E-cadherin promoter
submitted by sason227 1 hour ago - Topic: Biology
Mouse embryonic stem (mES) cells and epiblast stem cells (EpiSCs) represent the naïve and primed pluripotent states respectively. These cells self-renew via distinct signalling pathways and can transition between the two states in the presence of appropriate growth factors. Manipulation of signalling pathways has therefore allowed the isolation of novel pluripotent cell types such as FAB-SCs a...

Type II interferon promotes differentiation of myeloid-biased hematopoietic stem cells
submitted by sason227 1 hour ago - Topic: Biology
Interferon gamma (IFNγ) promotes cell division of hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) without affecting the total HSC number. We postulated that IFNγ stimulates differentiation of HSCs as part of the innate immune response. Here we report that type II interferon signaling is required, both at baseline and during an animal model of LCMV infection, to maintain normal myeloid development. By separat...

Genomic instability in human stem cells: Current status and future challenges
submitted by sason227 1 hour ago - Topic: Biology
Genomic instability is recognized as one of the most important hurdles in the expanding field of stem cell-based therapies. In the recent years, an accumulating body of evidence has shown that human stem cells undergo a diverse program of biological changes upon ex vivo cultivation that include numerical and structural chromosomal abnormalities, point mutations, variation of telomere length and...

Endothelial interleukin-6 defines the tumorigenic potential of primary human cancer stem cells
submitted by sason227 1 hour ago - Topic: Biology
Head and neck squamous cell carcinomas (HNSCC) contain a small sub-population of stem cells endowed with unique capacity to generate tumors. These cancer stem cells (CSC) are localized in perivascular niches and rely on crosstalk with endothelial cells for survival and self-renewal, but the mechanisms involved are unknown. Here, we report that stromal interleukin (IL)-6 defines the tumorigenic ...

The genus Distephanus (Asteraceae: Vernonieae) in southern Africa
submitted by jeddocattan 2 hours ago - Topic: Biology
The southern African species of Distephanus Cass. (Asteraceae: Vernonieae) are revised. Full descriptions, illustrations, distribution maps and a key are provided for the five species recognised in the region.

Arbuscular mycorrhiza (AM) status of rehabilitation plants of mine wastes in South Africa and determination of AM fungal diversity by analysis of the small subunit rRNA gene sequences
submitted by jeddocattan 2 hours ago - Topic: Biology
The aim of this study was to assess the arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) status of trees currently being used for phytoremediation of mining contaminated sites in South Africa, and to determine the AM fungal diversity of these sites. The trees, Tamarix usneoides, Searsia lancea and Searsia pendulina planted on waste sites associated with gold and uranium and zinc and platinum mining were assessed in...

Interactive efficacies of Elephantorrhiza elephantina and Pentanisia prunelloides extracts and isolated compounds against gastrointestinal bacteria
submitted by jeddocattan 2 hours ago - Topic: Biology
Elephantorrhiza elephantina (Burch.) Skeels (Fabaceae) and Pentanisia prunelloides (Klotzsch ex Eckl. Zeyh.) Walp. (Rubiaceae) are two medicinal plants used extensively in southern Africa to treat various ailments. Often, decoctions and infusions from these two plants are used in combination specifically for stomach ailments. The antimicrobial activities of the methanol and aqueous extracts of ...