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Weather Risks in the USA
submitted by goleles 2 hours ago - Topic: Environment
Weather risks are changing faster in North America than anywhere else in the world. Three components contribute to this risk: hazard, exposure (or values at risk) and vulnerability. While hazards are inherently natural, humans determine where values are placed and how they are protected. of the data and scenarios analyzed show that, due to socio-economic factors such as ongoing urbanization and...

Comparison of Air Pollution by VOCs Inside the Cabins of New Vehicles
submitted by goleles 2 hours ago - Topic: Environment
Air composition inside the cabins of nine new vehicles of the same model, but with different interior equipments and materials used, was examined. Air samples were collected short after vehicles’ production date. None of the vehicle was driven before sampling. Air pollution was assessed on the basis of the concentration of different volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and total VOC. Since only ...

Food and feed supply and waste disposal in the industrialising city of Vienna (1830–1913): a special focus on urban nitrogen flows
submitted by sflonniry2 3 hours ago - Topic: Environment
Taking an urban metabolism perspective, this article investigates food and feed consumption as well as flows of nitrogen in the city of Vienna during the industrial transformation. It addresses the question of the amount of agricultural products consumed in the city and their nitrogen content, their origin and their fate after consumption. Changes in dietary nitrogen flows in nineteenth century...

Long-term biogeochemical functioning of the Red River (Vietnam): past and present situations
submitted by sflonniry2 3 hours ago - Topic: Environment
The Red River (North Vietnam) is a typical example of a subtropical Asian river system undergoing high human pressure. During the last 50 years, major changes have occurred in its watershed, extending over an area of 156,450 km2 in Vietnam and China. We provide a detailed account of these changes, related to intensification of agriculture, deforestation, increase in population and urbanizatio...

Utilisation of a coastal grassland by geese after managed re-alignment
submitted by friidamzn 3 hours ago - Topic: Environment
In this study we evaluate the effect of coastal re-alignment on the utilisation of coastal grasslands by staging geese. We assessed vegetation change and utilisation by geese using repeated mapping and regular dropping counts in both the restored marsh and adjacent reference sites. All measurements were started well before the actual re-alignment. In addition, we studied the effects of livestoc...

Non-linear time-varying stochastic models for agroclimate risk assessment
submitted by dramor 3 hours ago - Topic: Environment
This work develops a model for minimum temperature in order to assess the weather related risk in agriculture industry. Non-linear autoregressive models with time-varying coefficients and volatility with various seasonal components and lags are compared in an appropriate model-selection algorithm using AIC. The optimal model is a time-varying autoregressive model which includes non-linear and s...

Bait Shop Owners as Opinion Leaders: A Test of the Theory of Planned Behavior to Predict Pro-Environmental Outreach Behaviors and Intentions
submitted by dallvit 4 hours ago - Topic: Environment
Boaters and anglers who move between bodies of water are a primary cause of the spread of aquatic invasive species (AIS), which are non-native plants or animals that pose a threat to water quality, disrupt ecosystems, reduce biodiversity, and cause economic harm. Research suggests that engagement with these individuals through opinion leaders within their social networks has the potential to en...

Environmental influences on African migration to Canada: focus group findings from Ottawa-Gatineau
submitted by iartigo 4 hours ago - Topic: Environment
There is limited empirical evidence of how environmental conditions in the Global South may influence long-distance international migration to the Global North. This research note reports findings from seven focus groups held in Ottawa-Gatineau, Canada, with recent migrants from the Horn of Africa and francophone sub-Saharan Africa, where the role of environment in migration decision-making was...

Land grabbing: a preliminary quantification of economic impacts on rural livelihoods
submitted by iartigo 4 hours ago - Topic: Environment
Global demands on agricultural land are increasing due to population growth, dietary changes and the use of biofuels. Their effect on food security is to reduce humans’ ability to cope with the uncertainties of global climate change. In light of the 2008 food crisis, to secure reliable future access to sufficient agricultural land, many nations and corporations have begun purchasing large tra...

Observed cold season changes in a Fennoscandian fell area over the past three decades
submitted by kwblost 8 hours ago - Topic: Environment
We studied trends and variability in snow and climate characteristics in 1978–2012 in the Värriötunturit fell area, northern Finland. Cold season changes were examined using long-term observational data on snow depths, meteorological data, large-scale climate indices, and reindeer herders’ experiences with difficult snow conditions. Snow depths declined, and temperatures increased signifi...

Managing urban nutrient biogeochemistry for sustainable urbanization
submitted by loeloempix 10 hours ago - Topic: Environment
We summarized the characteristics of nutrient cycling within the urban ecosystem and proposed three system approaches to mend the broken biogeochemical cycling.

Atmospheric PBDEs at rural and urban sites in central China from 2010 to 2013: Residual levels, potential sources and human exposure
submitted by loeloempix 10 hours ago - Topic: Environment
Atmospheric PBDEs in central China, with southeastern e-waste sites and local pollution as major sources, proved PBDEs' downtrend from the south (coast) to north (inland) in China.

Species-specific isotope tracers to study the accumulation and biotransformation of mixtures of inorganic and methyl mercury by the microalga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
submitted by loeloempix 10 hours ago - Topic: Environment
Species-specific isotope tracing allows the determination of mercury accumulation and demethylation process by Chlamydomonas reinhardtii at environmental IHg and CH3Hg concentrations.

Wide-range particle characterization and elemental concentration in Beijing aerosol during the 2013 Spring Festival
submitted by loeloempix 10 hours ago - Topic: Environment
The number and mass concentration increased sharply from 10 nm to 10 μm during the firecrackers and fireworks activities.

Exposure to air pollutants and mortality in hypertensive patients according to demography: A 10 year case-crossover study
submitted by loeloempix 10 hours ago - Topic: Environment
This is the first study which demonstrated older hypertensive patients are susceptible to all-cause and respiratory disease-specific deaths from these air pollutants in cold weather.