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The ER-Associated Degradation Adaptor Protein Sel1L Regulates LPL Secretion and Lipid Metabolism
submitted by 152288 15 minutes ago - Topic: Biology
While Sel1L was initially characterized as an adaptor protein in the ERAD pathway essential for ER homeostasis, Sha et al. now reveal that adipocyte Sel1L, together with LMF1, facilitates LPL secretion by preventing LPL dimer aggregation in the ER, thereby regulating postprandial triglyceridemia.

Mutation of Nogo-B Receptor, a Subunit of cis-Prenyltransferase, Causes a Congenital Disorder of Glycosylation
submitted by 152288 15 minutes ago - Topic: Biology
Nogo-B receptor (NgBR) binding to human cis-isoprenyltransferase is an evolutionarily conversed mechanism for the synthesis of dolichol, a lipid required for protein glycosylation reactions in mammals. A mutation found in NgBR causes a congenital disease syndrome in humans.

Worldwide retention of nutrient silicon by river damming: From sparse data set to global estimate
submitted by jspinci 15 minutes ago - Topic: Geography
Damming of rivers represents a major anthropogenic perturbation of the hydrological cycle, with the potential to profoundly modify the availability of nutrient silicon (Si) in streams, lakes and coastal areas. A global assessment of the impact of dams on river Si fluxes, however, is limited by the sparse data set on Si budgets for reservoirs. To alleviate this limitation, we use existing data o...

Long-term variability of phytoplankton carbon biomass in the Sargasso Sea
submitted by jspinci 15 minutes ago - Topic: Geography
Time series of phytoplankton carbon biomass are scarce yet may provide important insights into ocean productivity and carbon export to depth via the oceanic biological pump. We combine recent flow-cytometric measurements with pigment concentrations and other standard measurements to reconstruct taxon-specific phytoplankton carbon biomass in the Sargasso Sea over 22 years, using a multiple reg...

Differential expression of transforming growth factor-beta in benign vs. papillary thyroid cancer nodules; a potential diagnostic tool?
submitted by ovemohlir 21 minutes ago - Topic: Health
Thyroid nodules are common, but only 5% of nodules are found to be malignant. In North America, the incidence of thyroid cancer is increasing. Fine needle aspirate (FNA) biopsy is the diagnostic test of choice. Unfortunately, up to 20% of FNAs are non-diagnostic. A specific molecular marker for thyroid cancer is desirable. Evidence suggests that cell signaling through transforming growth factor...

A Preliminary Laboratory Study of Motion of Floating Debris Generated by Solitary Waves Running up a Beach
submitted by corlahomilenck 24 minutes ago - Topic: Geography
Destructive tsunamis can destroy coastal structures and move huge amounts of tsunami debris. Our current understanding of motion of tsunami debris in tsunami flows is limited. In this paper, we present a preliminary laboratory study of motion of model debris under the action of solitary waves running up a beach. The difference between the waterline of maximum inundation and the final position o...

Early prognosis of noise-induced hearing loss
submitted by swenno 1 hour ago - Topic: Health
Occupationally acquired noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) is the most prevalent occupational disease in Austria and among the most common in many other countries. Because of the wide variation in hearing loss after equivalent exposures it has long been assumed that some individuals are more vulnerable to occupational NIHL than others. Earlier attempts to define predictors of NIHL before startin...

Increased risk of human parvovirus B19 infection in day-care employees: a cohort study among pregnant workers during an epidemic in Finland
submitted by swenno 1 hour ago - Topic: Health
Human parvovirus B19 (B19V) infection during early pregnancy increases the risk of miscarriage. Studies have inconsistently shown an elevated risk of infection among women with occupational contacts with children. Methodological differences, particularly in defining occupational exposure and in the type of reference group, may explain the conflicting findings. This cohort study compared B19V in...

Air temperature exposure and outdoor occupational injuries: a significant cold effect in Central Italy
submitted by swenno 1 hour ago - Topic: Health
To investigate the short-term effect of air temperature on outdoor occupational injuries (out_OI) in Central Italy, also by taking different geographical factors and employment sectors of workers into account. Out_OI for all of Tuscany (Central Italy), from 2003 to 2010 (n=162 399), were provided by the National Institute of Insurance for Occupational Illness and Injury. Representative daily me...

Vitamin D status and age of onset of demyelinating disease
submitted by ntrapec 1 hour ago - Topic: Health
To evaluate the prevalence of and associated factors impacting vitamin D insufficiency and deficiency in childhood versus adult-onset demyelinating disease. We conducted a retrospective, cross-sectional, chart-review, cohort study on geographically-similar pediatric, young adult, and adult patients with a diagnosis of demyelinating disease identified at the University of Virginia from 2008 to 2...

Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder from Bilingual Families: a Systematic Review
submitted by ked2523th 1 hour ago - Topic: Health
Because social communication impairment is a defining feature of autism spectrum disorder (ASD), making the right decision regarding language use for bilingual families of children with ASD is pertinent. The present review evaluated eight studies identified as addressing bilingual language development in 182 children with ASD and issues/perceptions of bilingualism in 62 parents of children with...

Fitness-for-Purpose and Damage Tolerance: Applications in Transportation and Energy Systems
submitted by odmerjaga 1 hour ago - Topic: Geography
In recent years, damage tolerance concepts have reached a high level of maturity. These concepts rely on two steps: first, it is ensured by means of thorough non-destructive testing (NDT) that the component in question contains no flaws larger than a certain detection limit; secondly, the structural integrity assessment proves that the component is able to fulfil its intended purpose even in th...

Ab initio Calculations as a Tool for Predicting Materials Properties
submitted by odmerjaga 1 hour ago - Topic: Geography
Ab initio calculations employing density-functional theory have become a state-of-the-art tool of knowledge-based material science. We present a series of research topics from the Materials Center Leoben and demonstrate how calculations on the atomic scale can be used to understand and predict materials properties.

Advanced X-ray Diffraction Techniques for Quantitative Phase Content and Lattice Defect Characterization during Heat Treatment of High Speed Steels
submitted by odmerjaga 1 hour ago - Topic: Geography
The presented X-ray diffraction techniques enable the simultaneous characterization of phase content, dislocation densities in the austenitic and the ferritic/bainitic/martensitic phases, or the tetragonal lattice distortion and the interstitial carbon content in martensite. The capability of the diffraction methods is demonstrated using the example of heat treatment of high speed steels.

Direct Electrolytic Refining of Lead Acid Battery Sludge
submitted by odmerjaga 1 hour ago - Topic: Geography
The direct electrorefining of anode particles obtained from lead acid battery sludge to produce electrolytic lead powder without application of the conventional leaching process is the aim of this work. To create this target, exhausted lead acid batteries were crushed to smaller particles and separated from the internal and external plastic covers and fed into a titanium nets basket which acts ...