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Achieving Cannabis Cessation - Evaluating N-acetylcysteine Treatment (ACCENT): Design and implementation of a multi-site, randomized controlled study in the National Institute on Drug Abuse Clinical Trials Network
submitted by jrtebarceajr 15 minutes ago - Topic: Health
Despite recent advances in behavioral interventions for cannabis use disorders, effect sizes remain modest, and few individuals achieve long-term abstinence. One strategy to enhance outcomes is the addition of pharmacotherapy to complement behavioral treatment, but to date no efficacious medications targeting cannabis use disorders in adults through large, randomized controlled trials have been...

The type and composition of alginate and hyaluronic-based hydrogels influence the viability of stem cells of the apical papilla
submitted by bregetti 19 minutes ago - Topic: Health
The goal of the present work was to evaluate in vitro and in vivo the influence of various types and compositions of natural hydrogels on the viability and metabolic activity of SCAPs. Two alginate, three hyaluronic-based (Corgel™) hydrogel formulations and Matrigel were characterized for their mechanical, surface and microstructure properties using rheology, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy ...

Indentation size effect of Y-TZP dental ceramics
submitted by bregetti 19 minutes ago - Topic: Health
The purpose of this study was to investigate and analyze the indentation size effect (ISE) in Vickers hardness of monolithic yttria partially stabilized zirconia (Y-TZP) dental ceramics without and with the addition of dental dye A3. The ISE is analyzed using the Mayer law, a proportional specimen resistance (PSR) model and a modified proportional specimen resistance (MPSR) model. Two samples o...

Osseointegration of fiber-reinforced composite implants: Histological and ultrastructural observations
submitted by bregetti 19 minutes ago - Topic: Health
The aim of this study was to evaluate the bone tissue response to fiber-reinforced composite (FRC) in comparison with titanium (Ti) implants after 12 weeks of implantation in cancellous bone using histomorphometric and ultrastructural analysis. Thirty grit-blasted cylindrical FRC implants with BisGMA–TEGDMA polymer matrix were fabricated and divided into three groups: (1) 60s light-cured FRC ...

On the possibility of estimating the fracture toughness of enamel
submitted by bregetti 19 minutes ago - Topic: Health
There are many works that have attempted to estimate the fracture toughness of enamel by indentation techniques using equations whose success in determining the actual value of fracture toughness, rely on a particular three-dimensional pattern consisting of cracks growing from the edges of the indentation. Recently, an alternative methodology based on an energetic approach has been developed to...

Stability of bonds made to superficial vs. deep dentin, before and after thermocycling
submitted by bregetti 19 minutes ago - Topic: Health
Bonding stability of resinous adhesives to dentin is still problematic and may involve regional variations in dentin composition. This study is to evaluate the effect of dentin depth on the stability of resin-dentin bonds under thermocycling challenge. Dentin slabs with two flat surfaces parallel to the tooth axis were obtained from extracted human third molars. The slabs were randomized into e...

Cytotoxicity of post and core composites as a function of environmental conditions
submitted by bregetti 19 minutes ago - Topic: Health
In the revised version of ISO 7405 there are so far no detailed recommendations concerning temperature and humidity during specimen production for light curing and chemically setting dental materials. The main objective of the present study was to observe if different environmental conditions during specimen production influence cytotoxicity and degree of conversion of four post and core compos...

Clinical Impact of Lung Age on Postoperative Readmission in NSCLC
submitted by xpta 24 minutes ago - Topic: Health
Recently, the Japanese Respiratory Society (JRS) proposed using lung age (LA) as an indicator of lung function; however, reports regarding the association of LA with the risk of postoperative readmission within 90 days after surgical treatment for non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) are limited. Here, we analyze the clinical relationship between LA and readmission within 90-days after surgical t...

Tuning Out the Noise: Cognitive Biases
submitted by apsengh 57 minutes ago - Topic: Health
In my brief training as an emergency physician, I have experienced numerous distracting cognitive biases that have interfered with establishing proper diagnoses. Recognizing these potential barriers and appreciating them is essential to excellent patient care.

PRAM Score as Predictor of Pediatric Asthma Hospitalization / La Puntuación del PRAM como Predictor de Ingreso en Pacientes con Asma Pediátrico
submitted by apsengh 57 minutes ago - Topic: Health
The objective was to determine the association between asthma severity as measured by the Pediatric Respiratory Assessment Measure (PRAM) score and the likelihood of admission for pediatric patients who present to the emergency department (ED) with moderate-to-severe asthma exacerbations and who receive intensive asthma therapy. This was a secondary analysis of a prospective study of triage nur...

Efficacy of AccuVein to Facilitate Peripheral Intravenous Placement in Adults Presenting to an Emergency Department: A Randomized Clinical Trial / La Eficacia de AccuVein para Facilitar la Colocación de una Vía Intravenosa Periférica en Adultos que Acuden
submitted by apsengh 57 minutes ago - Topic: Health
In the emergency department (ED), intravenous (IV) catheter placement is one of the most frequent interventions and may be a real challenge in some conditions. Improvement of the success rate with new technology represents a great opportunity. This randomized controlled trial aimed to show the superiority of AccuVein to cannulate veins in adults compared to routine care. After giving written co...

Point-of-care Ultrasonography for the Diagnosis of Acute Cardiogenic Pulmonary Edema in Patients Presenting With Acute Dyspnea: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis / Ecografía en el Lugar de Atención para el Diagnóstico del Edema Agudo de Pulmón Cardiog
submitted by apsengh 57 minutes ago - Topic: Health
Acute dyspnea is a common presenting complaint to the emergency department (ED), and point-of-care (POC) lung ultrasound (US) has shown promise as a diagnostic tool in this setting. The primary objective of this systematic review was to determine the sensitivity and specificity of US using B-lines in diagnosing acute cardiogenic pulmonary edema (ACPE) in patients presenting to the ED with acute...

Evaluación de la conciliación de la medicación en una Unidad de Traumatología
submitted by soteshkappalo 1 hour ago - Topic: Health
El objetivo del estudio fue evaluar la tasa de discrepancias en la conciliación de la medicación realizada al ingreso de los pacientes en una Unidad de Traumatología, identificando los posibles factores de riesgo asociados a los errores de conciliación. Se trata de un estudio observacional transversal realizado en un hospital de tercer nivel durante el periodo comprendido entre el 1 de mayo...

A Case of Diprosopus: Perinatal Counseling and Management
submitted by koerot 1 hour ago - Topic: Health
Diprosopus is a rare congenital malformation associated with high mortality. Here, we describe a patient with diprosopus, multiple life-threatening anomalies, and genetic mutations. Prenatal diagnosis and counseling made a beneficial impact on the family and medical providers in the care of this case.

MicroRNA regulation of tumorigenesis, cancer progression and interpatient heterogeneity: towards clinical use
submitted by koangmyot12 1 hour ago - Topic: Biology
In the past two decades, microRNAs have emerged as crucial mediators of organ development and human disease. Here, we discuss their role as drivers or suppressors of the hallmarks of cancer during tumorigenesis and progression, in defining interpatient heterogeneity and the promise of therapeutic application.