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Long-term stability of beam quality and output of conventional X-ray units
submitted by dpspiocack 43 minutes ago - Topic: Health
Conventional diagnostic X-ray units are used for radiographic imaging in many countries. For obtaining entrance surface doses, a numerical dose determination method has been applied in Japan. Although this technique is effective, it has to account for errors, particularly fluctuations, due to the beam quality and output of X-ray tubes. As a part of our quality control procedures, we recorded th...

The Influence of Sound Generator Associated With Conventional Amplification for Tinnitus Control: Randomized Blind Clinical Trial
submitted by glozil 43 minutes ago - Topic: Health
Hearing aids with an integrated sound generator have been used to enhance the treatment of tinnitus. The main aim of this study was to verify whether the combined use of amplification and sound generator is more effective than conventional amplification alone in reducing tinnitus annoyance by means of the use of a new hearing aid with an integrated sound generator. A total of 49 patients underw...

Takayasu’s Arteritis and Crohn’s Disease in a Young Hispanic Female
submitted by ftamin 59 minutes ago - Topic: Health
Takayasu’s arteritis (TA) and Crohn’s disease (CD) are chronic inflammatory granulomatous disorders of undetermined etiology. TA is a large vessel vasculitis with a predilection for the aorta and its branches in young women of Asian descent; whereas CD has characteristic gastrointestinal manifestations more prevalent in young Caucasians. We describe a case of both diseases in a young Hispan...

CD39 is a negative regulator of P2X7-mediated inflammatory cell death in mast cells
submitted by wmotlock 59 minutes ago - Topic: Biology
Mast cells (MCs) are major contributors to an inflammatory milieu. One of the most potent drivers of inflammation is the cytokine IL-1β, which is produced in the cytoplasm in response to danger signals like LPS. Several controlling mechanisms have been reported which limit the release of IL-1β. Central to this regulation is the NLRP3 inflammasome, activation of which requires a second danger ...

TrkB interacts with ErbB4 and regulates NRG1-induced NR2B phosphorylation in cortical neurons before synaptogenesis
submitted by wmotlock 1 hour ago - Topic: Biology
Neuregulin 1 (NRG1) and NMDARs play important roles in various neuronal functions including neural development. NMDARs also promote many cellular events such as proliferation and survival of neuroblasts before synapse formation. Although many recent studies have indicated that NRG1 regulates NMDAR function in cortical neurons, the effect of NRG1 on NMDAR activation before synapse formation is n...

The efficacy and safety of Jian-Wei-Qu-Tong Pills for the treatment of chronic non-atrophic gastritis (spleen and stomach qi deficiency with damp-heat stasis syndrome): study protocol for a phase II, randomized controlled trial
submitted by sodighepaar 1 hour ago - Topic: Health
Chronic gastritis (CG), a poorly understood entity, is a very common disease of the digestive tract and is difficult to cure. Chronic non-atrophic gastritis (CNG) is the most common type of CG. Even if treated with current standard chemotherapy, some patients will not be freed from this confusing disease. Many studies have shown traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is more effective compared to c...

Impact on mortality of the timing of renal replacement therapy in patients with severe acute kidney injury in septic shock: the IDEAL-ICU study (initiation of dialysis early versus delayed in the intensive care unit): study protocol for a randomized contr
submitted by sodighepaar 1 hour ago - Topic: Health
One of the most dreaded complications of septic shock is acute kidney injury. It occurs in around 50% of patients, with a mortality rate of about 60% at 3 months. There is no consensus on the optimal time to initiate renal replacement therapy. Retrospective and observational studies suggest that early implementation of renal replacement therapy could improve the prognosis for these patients. Th...

Do children with cerebral palsy benefit from computerized working memory training? Study protocol for a randomized controlled trial
submitted by sodighepaar 1 hour ago - Topic: Health
Cerebral palsy (CP) is the most common motor disability in childhood (2 to 3 per 1000 live births), and is frequently accompanied by cognitive impairments and behavioural problems. Children with CP are at increased risk of attention deficit disorder with or without hyperactivity (Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)/Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)) including working memory deficits....

Jimmy Savile: Abuse and a Question of Trust
submitted by mkmosry 1 hour ago - Topic: Health
This paper is about the British disc jockey Jimmy Savile and the scandal that has constellated around him since his death in 201I shall be referring to his autobiography Love is an Uphill Thing and Alison Bellamy's authorized biography How's About That, Then? to try and understand how he became a lifelong abuser. I shall make the case that he was able to insinuate himself into a culture, both a...

Revenge through a Looking Glass
submitted by mkmosry 1 hour ago - Topic: Health
The author discusses the concept of revenge from a number of different angles. She suggests that it is useful to separate revenge from the broader terms of aggression and hostility. Her two clinical examples are illustrations of revenge that is overt, obvious and acted upon, or that is repressed and covert. Working in settings where revenge is acted out can prepare the analytical therapist for ...

On Not Being Able to Symbolize
submitted by mkmosry 1 hour ago - Topic: Health
This paper explores ideas from Marion Milner which the author has found helpful in conceptualizing work with a patient who felt tyrannized by her objects, terrified that she would be swallowed up by them never to re-emerge. Her terror interfered with her capacity to symbolize. The paper looks at the concept of a bodily self and its creative engagement with the world especially in the form of fu...

Image and Process: Psychoanalysis or Art?
submitted by mkmosry 1 hour ago - Topic: Health
This paper argues that Marion Milner's contributions to psychoanalytic understandings of art are of interest as comments both on ways of approaching the production of images and their generation of meaning, and on the practice of psychoanalysis in the consulting room. This is supported by discussion of her case history, The Hands of the Living God (1969).

The Internal Cohabitation Model
submitted by mkmosry 1 hour ago - Topic: Health
This paper presents the reasons for viewing the conflicts of inner mental life as arising from the problematic interaction of two different selves. A self that is involved in interpersonal relationships can be seen to be contending with a coexisting self who has a hatred of dependency on others. When the self that idealises independence is dominating the inner world, any means will be used to a...

The Independent Tradition
submitted by mkmosry 1 hour ago - Topic: Health
The authors have preserved the format of their original presentation where Anne Tyndale described the conceptualizations that characterize the Independent approach: namely, their reliance on the living experience offered by the analytic frame illuminated by timely interpretation. Interpretation emerges from the experience of listening – to the analysand and to the analyst's own psychic moveme...

Hitting Home: Irish Identity and Psychotherapy in The UK
submitted by mkmosry 1 hour ago - Topic: Health
We examine the work of icap, a clinic for Irish people in Britain, to describe an (Irish) idea of ‘home’ within a psychoanalytic/group-analytic discourse, and some aspects of its clinical significance in providing culturally-sensitive psychotherapy. Our work weaves through four axes of trauma: the dislocation embedded in all migration, irrespective of the social or economic circumstances of...