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Changes in soil heterotrophic respiration, carbon availability, and microbial function in seven forests along a climate gradient
submitted by iic 13 minutes ago - Topic: Biology
Soil microbial communities play an essential role in soil carbon (C) emission and C sequestration in forest ecosystems. However, little information is available regarding the relationship between soil C dynamics and microbial substrate utilization at large scales. Along the North–South Transect of Eastern China (NSTEC), seven forests representative of boreal, temperate and tropical biomes wer...

Hospice Comics: Representations of Patient and Family Experience of Illness and Death in Graphic Novels
submitted by tetas3119 28 minutes ago - Topic: Health
Non-fiction graphic novels about illness and death created by patients and their loved ones have much to teach all readers. However, the bond of empathy made possible in the comic form may have special lessons for healthcare providers who read these texts and are open to the insights they provide.

Stem cell therapy for cardiac dysfunction
submitted by girordamx 29 minutes ago - Topic: Health
Following significant injury, the heart undergoes induced compensation and gradually deteriorates towards impending heart failure. Current therapy slows but does not halt the resultant adverse remodeling. Stem cell therapy, however, has the potential to regenerate or repair infarcted heart tissue and therefore is a promising therapeutic strategy undergoing intensive investigation. Due to the wi...

A modified data normalization method for GC-MS-based metabolomics to minimize batch variation
submitted by girordamx 29 minutes ago - Topic: Health
The goal of metabolomics data pre-processing is to eliminate systematic variation, such that biologically-related metabolite signatures are detected by statistical pattern recognition. Although several methods have been developed to tackle the issue of batch-to-batch variation, each method has its advantages and disadvantages. In this study, we used a reference sample as a normalization standar...

Efficacy and tolerability of Entecavir for hepatitis B virus infection after hematopoietic stem cell transplantation
submitted by girordamx 29 minutes ago - Topic: Health
Hepatitis B virus (HBV) flare is a serious problem following hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT), and the mortality rate is high if severe hepatitis occurs. Although Entecavir (ETV) is a standard antiviral drug for HBV infection, the efficacy and safety of ETV therapy in HSCT are still unclear. Discussion and Evaluation: To examine the efficacy and tolerability of ETV treatment in HS...

Methodology of determining student's cognitive styles and its application for teaching physics
submitted by girordamx 29 minutes ago - Topic: Health
A psychological foundation of differentiation of learning on the basis of students' individual characteristics (cognitive styles) with orientation to physics education in high school is discussed. The computer testing technique for preliminary determination of students' cognitive styles is proposed. It is based on the assumed connection between test parameters and parameters of degree of manife...

Groundwater contamination in Ibadan, South-West Nigeria
submitted by girordamx 29 minutes ago - Topic: Health
Groundwater is the main source of water for domestic use in Nigeria because it is perceived to be clean. The presence of geogenic contaminants (arsenic and fluoride), and the level of awareness of their presence in groundwater in Ibadan, Nigeria was examined in this study. A total of one hundred and twenty groundwater samples were collected from hand dug wells which tap into shallow aquifers an...

Implementing a seventh-order linear multistep method in a predictor-corrector mode or block mode: which is more efficient for the general second order initial value problem
submitted by girordamx 29 minutes ago - Topic: Health
A Seventh-Order Linear Multistep Method (SOLMM) is developed and implemented in both predictor-corrector mode and block mode. The two approaches are compared by measuring their total number of function evaluations and CPU times. The stability property of the method is examined. This SOLMM is also compared with existing methods in the literature using standard numerical examples.

Empyema, acute respiratory failure, and septic shock after aspiration of a soft-shelled turtle (Pelodiscus sinensis) bone by an adult
submitted by girordamx 29 minutes ago - Topic: Health
The common late complications of foreign body aspiration include granulation formation, obstructive pneumonia, and atelectasis. However, a foreign body-induced pleural infection is very rare, and especially when it is not iatrogenic. A 64-year-old Chinese man was admitted to our hospital with septic shock and acute respiratory failure requiring intubation and mechanical ventilation. Computed to...

Development of cereal and legume based food products for the elderly
submitted by girordamx 29 minutes ago - Topic: Health
Diets for elderly must contain nutritious foods, fit their physiological limitations, and match with their food culture. Cereals and legumes are suggested food choices regardless of their cultures and beliefs. Ready-to-eat products containing suitable macronutrient patterns from cereals and legumes were developed. Energy distributions from carbohydrate (60 kcal/100 kcal), protein (15 kcal/100 k...

Steroid Injection and Needle Aponeurotomy for Dupuytren Disease: Long-Term Follow-Up of a Randomized Controlled Trial
submitted by printpok 29 minutes ago - Topic: Health
To compare long-term outcomes and retreatment rates for patients with Dupuytren disease who underwent needle aponeurotomy (NA) combined with a series of triamcinolone acetonide injections or underwent NA alone as part of a prior randomized controlled trial. During this follow-up study, 44 of 47 participants in the original study were examined as needed between 6 and 53 months from their initial...

Terminological debate over language impairment in children: forward movement and sticking points
submitted by jspinci 29 minutes ago - Topic: Health
There is no agreed terminology for describing childhood language problems. In this special issue Reilly et al. and Bishop review the history of the most widely used label, ‘specific language impairment’ (SLI), and discuss the pros and cons of various terms. Commentators from a range of backgrounds, in terms of both discipline and geographical background, were then invited to respond to each...

Ten questions about terminology for children with unexplained language problems
submitted by jspinci 29 minutes ago - Topic: Health
In domains other than language, there is fairly consistent diagnostic terminology to refer to children's developmental difficulties. For instance, the terms ‘dyslexia’, ‘attention deficit hyperactivity disorder’ and ‘autistic spectrum disorder’ are used for difficulties with reading, attention or social cognition, respectively. There is no agreed label, however, for children with un...

Specific language impairment: a convenient label for whom?
submitted by jspinci 29 minutes ago - Topic: Health
The term ‘specific language impairment’ (SLI), in use since the 1980s, describes children with language impairment whose cognitive skills are within normal limits where there is no identifiable reason for the language impairment. SLI is determined by applying exclusionary criteria, so that it is defined by what it is not rather than by what it is. The recent decision to not include SLI in D...

Structures and geometries of the Tajo Basin crust, Spain: Results of a magnetotelluric investigation compared to seismic and thermal models
submitted by shamonmotthiwt 31 minutes ago - Topic: Geography
The Tajo Basin and Betic Mountain Chain in the south-central region of the Iberian Peninsula were chosen for investigation in the first phase of the magnetotelluric (MT) component of the PICASSO (Program to Investigate the Convective Alboran Sea System Overturn) project. The MT results provide information about the electrical conductivity distribution in previously unprobed subsurface regions, ...