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Vertical structure of stratospheric water vapour trends derived from merged satellite data
submitted by pitishorp11 25 minutes ago - Topic: Geography
Stratospheric water vapour is a powerful greenhouse gas. Merging individual satellite data sets with a chemistry–climate model reveals that water vapour levels in the lower and mid-stratosphere have been decreasing since 1988.

Anti-Inflammatory Effects of Recombinant Human PDCD5 (rhPDCD5) in a Rat Collagen-Induced Model of Arthritis
submitted by ciceldechasa 26 minutes ago - Topic: Health
Programmed cell death 5 (PDCD5) was first identified as a gene upregulated in cells undergoing apoptosis. We recently demonstrated the inhibitory effect of PDCD5 on experimentally induced autoimmune encephalomyelitis. In this study, we investigated the anti-inflammatory effects of recombinant human PDCD5 (rhPDCD5) in a rat collagen-induced arthritis (CIA) model. We find that vaccination of coll...

Microbial shaping of sedimentary wrinkle structures
submitted by pitishorp11 27 minutes ago - Topic: Geography
Wrinkle structures in ancient sedimentary environments are enigmatic. Wave-tank experiments suggest that wrinkle structures are shaped by microbial mat fragments that are moved by waves over sandy-bed surfaces, and thus are morphological biosignatures.

Perioperative radiotherapy is associated with improved survival among patients with synovial sarcoma: A SEER analysis
submitted by colthrapi 30 minutes ago - Topic: Health
MethodsWe examined the outcomes of synovial sarcoma (SS) patients in a national database. We identified 1,189 patients from the Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results (SEER) database with data on site and extent of surgery. We excluded patients diagnosed before 1990, ...

Comparative effectiveness of hepatic artery based therapies for unresectable intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma
submitted by colthrapi 30 minutes ago - Topic: Health
Hepatic artery based therapies (HAT) are offered for patients with unresectable intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma (ICC). We aimed to evaluate the comparative effectiveness of HAT –hepatic arterial infusion (HAI), transcatheter arterial chemoembolization (TACE), drug-eluting bead TACE (DEB-TACE), and Yttrium90 radioembolization (Y-90) for unresectable ICC. A meta-analysis was performed using a p...

Sparing surgery with the use of tini-based endografts in larynx cancer patients
submitted by colthrapi 30 minutes ago - Topic: Health
Of this study was to improve a technique of sparing surgery in patients with laryngeal cancer by using TiNi-based endografts and to achieve well functional and oncological results after laryngectomy. Totally 120 patients with laryngeal cancer were observed (T2–3N0–1M0). We have developed a method of laryngeal reconstruction using TiNi-based endografts. All endografts show the superelastic b...

Memory beyond expression
submitted by mkmosry 31 minutes ago - Topic: Biology
The idea that memories are not invariable after the consolidation process has led to new perspectives about several mnemonic processes. In this framework, we review our studies on the modulation of memory expression during reconsolidation. We propose that during both memory consolidation and reconsolidation, neuromodulators can determine the probability of the memory trace to guide behavior, i....

Assessing value representation in animals
submitted by mkmosry 31 minutes ago - Topic: Biology
Among all factors modulating our motivation to perform a given action, the ability to represent its outcome is clearly the most determining. Representation of outcomes, rewards in particular, and how they guide behavior, have sparked much research. Both practically and theoretically, understanding the relationship between the representation of outcome value and the organization of goal directed...

The insect mushroom body, an experience-dependent recoding device
submitted by mkmosry 31 minutes ago - Topic: Biology
The insect mushroom body is a higher order integration center involved in cross-sensory integration and memory formation. The relatively large mushroom bodies of social Hymenoptera (e.g. bees) have been related to the demands of a social system and the neural processes required to allow the animal to navigate in an ever-changing environment. Here I review studies aiming to elucidate the neural ...

The slow pathway in the electrosensory lobe of Gymnotus omarorum: Field potentials and unitary activity
submitted by mkmosry 31 minutes ago - Topic: Biology
This is a first communication on the self-activation pattern of the electrosensory lobe in the pulse weakly electric fish Gymnotus omarorum. Field potentials in response to the fish’s own electric organ discharge (EOD) were recorded along vertical tracks (50μm step) and on a transversal lattice array across the electrosensory lobe (resolution 50μm×100μm). The unitary activity of 82 neuron...

Hippocampal NMDA receptors and the previous experience effect on memory
submitted by mkmosry 31 minutes ago - Topic: Biology
N-methyl-D-aspartate receptors (NMDAR) are thought to be responsible for switching synaptic activity specific patterns into long-term changes in synaptic function and structure, which would support learning and memory. Hippocampal NMDAR blockade impairs memory consolidation in rodents, while NMDAR stimulation improves it. Adult rats that explored twice an open field (OF) before a weak though ov...

Local vasotocin modulation of the pacemaker nucleus resembles distinct electric behaviors in two species of weakly electric fish
submitted by mkmosry 31 minutes ago - Topic: Biology
The neural bases of social behavior diversity in vertebrates have evolved in close association with hypothalamic neuropeptides. In particular, arginine-vasotocin (AVT) is a key integrator underlying differences in behavior across vertebrate taxa. Behavioral displays in weakly electric fish are channeled through specific patterns in their electric organ discharges (EODs), whose rate is ultimatel...

The Mauthner-cell circuit of fish as a model system for startle plasticity
submitted by mkmosry 31 minutes ago - Topic: Biology
The Mauthner-cell (M-cell) system of teleost fish has a long history as an experimental model for addressing a wide range of neurobiological questions. Principles derived from studies on this system have contributed significantly to our understanding at multiple levels, from mechanisms of synaptic transmission and synaptic plasticity to the concepts of a decision neuron that initiates key aspec...

The endocrine regulation of cichlids social and reproductive behavior through the eyes of the chanchita, Cichlasoma dimerus (Percomorpha; Cichlidae)
submitted by mkmosry 31 minutes ago - Topic: Biology
Sociobiology, the study of social behavior, calls for a laboratory model with specific requirements. Among the most obvious is the execution of social interactions that need to be readily observable, quantifiable and analyzable. If, in turn, one focuses on the neuroendocrinological basis of social behavior, restrictions grow even tighter. A good laboratory model should then allow easy access to...

Memory labilization in reconsolidation and extinction – Evidence for a common plasticity system?
submitted by mkmosry 31 minutes ago - Topic: Biology
Reconsolidation and extinction are two processes occurring upon memory retrieval that have received great attention in memory research over the last decade, partly due to their purported potential in the treatment of anxiety disorders. Due to their opposite behavioral effects, the two phenomena have usually been considered as separate entities, with few attempts to build a unified view of how b...