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The effect of biomass harvesting on greenhouse gas emissions from a rewetted temperate fen
submitted by jano 15 minutes ago - Topic: Agriculture
The growing demand for bioenergy increases pressure on peatlands. The novel strategy of wet peatlands agriculture (paludiculture) may permit the production of bioenergy from biomass while avoiding large greenhouse gas emissions as occur during conventional crop cultivation on drained peat soils. Herein, we present the first greenhouse gas balances of a simulated paludiculture to assess its suit...

Percutaneous Ablation and Retrieval of a Right Atrial Myxoma
submitted by ormbrajo 18 minutes ago - Topic: Health
We report the first case of percutaneous myxoma ablation and retrieval from the right atrium. This novel procedure may reduce the need for repeat surgical excisions in patients with Carney Complex and other recurrent myxoma syndromes.

The Role of Cystatin C in the Prognosis of Adverse Outcomes after the Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery During Hospitalisation Running Head: Cystatin C and CABG Surgery
submitted by ormbrajo 18 minutes ago - Topic: Health
This study has been aimed to assess clinical significance of cystatin C in the prognosis of a risk of hospital complications among the patients with coronary artery disease CAD who have undergone coronary artery bypass surgery (CABG). We have recruited 719 consecutive Caucasian (Russian) patients who underwent CABG in 2011-2012. No statistically significant differences in the serum creatinine c...

Dual Versus Single Antiplatelet Therapy in Patients Undergoing Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
submitted by ormbrajo 18 minutes ago - Topic: Health
Although dual antiplatelet therapy (DAPT) with clopidogrel and aspirin is a widely accepted strategy in patients undergoing TAVR, this approach is not evidence based. We therefore sought to systematically review the current evidence for this practice in terms of 30-day outcome looking at stroke, MI, bleeding, and death. Relevant studies were identified through electronic literature search. Stud...

Cardiac Vignette: Isolated Pulmonary Regurgitation
submitted by ormbrajo 18 minutes ago - Topic: Health
Isolated pulmonary regurgitation (PR) is a rare occurrence with only a handful of documented cases worldwide. Though usually well tolerated in childhood, chronic PR can eventually lead to RV dysfunction and ventricular arrhythmias. In this cardiac vignette, we describe a case of isolated PR in a young female presenting with syncope and explore the natural history, different investigative modali...

Evaluation and Management of Heart Rhythm Disturbances Due to Cardiac Sarcoidosis
submitted by ormbrajo 19 minutes ago - Topic: Health
Cardiac sarcoidosis (CS) affects less than 5% of patients with pulmonary or systemic sarcoidosis, but when present is often associated with a spectrum of clinically significant conduction abnormalities and arrhythmias. The cardinal manifestations of CS include conduction disturbances, arrhythmias, or congestive heart failure. Less commonly, there is concealed subclinical disease. The electrophy...

Patients’ Understanding of Their Heart Attack and the Impact of Exposure to a Media Campaign on Pre-hospital Time
submitted by ormbrajo 19 minutes ago - Topic: Health
Patients with acute myocardial infarction (AMI) have a limited understanding of AMI symptoms and risk factors. This can lead to delays in the recognition of an AMI and hospital presentation. We aimed to assess patients’ understanding of their AMI symptoms and risk factors and also assess the impact of exposure to a media campaign on their pre-hospital time. We surveyed 100 AMI patients admitt...

Lambeau neurocutané sural à pédicule distal dans la couverture des pertes de substance des segments distaux du membre inférieur. À propos de 25 cas
submitted by riin2345 24 minutes ago - Topic: Health
Le lambeau neurocutané sural à pédicule distal (Masquelet et al., 1992) est une technique qui est venue enrichir ľarsenal thérapeutique de la réparation des pertes de substances de ľextrémité distale du membre inférieur. Vingt-cinq patients ďune moyenne ďâge de 46,36 ans souffrant de pertes de substance ďétiologies variées dominées par les pertes de substance ďorigine traumati...

Prostacyclin, not only nitric oxide, is a mediator of the vasorelaxation induced by acetylcholine in aortas from rats submitted to cecal ligation and perforation (CLP)
submitted by wf1321 26 minutes ago - Topic: Health
Nitric oxide has been pointed out as the main agent involved in the vasodilatation, which is the major symptom of septic shock. However, there must be another mediator contributing to the circulatory failure observed in sepsis. This study aimed to investigate the endothelium-dependent relaxation induced by acetylcholine and the factors involved in this relaxation, using aortic rings isolated fr...

Ethanol induces vascular relaxation via redox-sensitive and nitric oxide-dependent pathways
submitted by wf1321 27 minutes ago - Topic: Health
We investigated the role of reactive oxygen species (ROS) and nitric oxide (NO) in ethanol-induced relaxation. Vascular reactivity experiments showed that ethanol (0.03–200mmol/L) induced relaxation in endothelium-intact and denuded rat aortic rings isolated from male Wistar rats. Pre-incubation of intact or denuded rings with l-NAME (non selective NOS inhibitor, 100μmol/L), 7-nitroindazole ...

Vascular differentiation from embryonic stem cells: Novel technologies and therapeutic promises
submitted by wf1321 27 minutes ago - Topic: Health
Stem cell (SC) therapy represents a big hope for treating unmet clinical needs, including in the context of cardiovascular disease. The abilities of embryonic SC (ESCs) to self-renew indefinitely and to differentiate in all the three germ layers make these SCs very attractive for both basic science investigations and clinical therapies. ESCs can generate vascular endothelial and mural cells to ...

A Prospective Development Study investigating Focal Irreversible Electroporation in Men with Localised Prostate Cancer: Nanoknife Electroporation Ablation Trial (NEAT)
submitted by jrtebarceajr 45 minutes ago - Topic: Health
Focal therapy may reduce the toxicity of current radical treatments while maintaining the oncological benefit. Irreversible Electroporation (IRE) has been proposed to be tissue selective and so might have favourable characteristics compared to currently used prostate ablative technologies. The aim of this trial is to determine the adverse events, genito-urinary side effects and early histologic...

Genotoxic and haematological effect of commonly used fungicide on fish Clarias batracus
submitted by rechisib 45 minutes ago - Topic: Biology
Application of synthetic pesticides is one of the methods used to increase agriculture production. Pesticides in agricultural runoff affect all the aquatic organisms. The result from this study reveals that mancozeb had some hematological and genotoxic effect on Clarias batracus. Fishes were exposed to sublethal concentrations (80% of LC50 of 24h) of mancozeb in terms of micronucleus assay and ...

Traditional knowledge on wild edible plants as livelihood food in Odisha, India
submitted by rechisib 46 minutes ago - Topic: Biology
An ethnobotanical investigation was carried out in the interior of Kendrapara district, Odisha, Indiato explore the potential use of edible plants by local inhabitants. Two hundred and twenty three informants of various ages in different villages of the site provided information on plant species used as food. Information on the use of edible plants was obtained through structured questionnaires...

Identification and characterization of a novel phage-type like lysozyme from Manila clam, Ruditapes philippinarum
submitted by legeomorqais 50 minutes ago - Topic: Health
A novel lysozyme gene (RpLysPh) with high similarity to the bacteriophage lysozymes was identified in Manila clam, Ruditapes philippinarum. The full length cDNA of RpLysPh is 828bp and contains a 462bp open reading frame (ORF) that codes for a 154 amino acid protein. Multiple sequence alignment analysis revealed that the three residues essential for catalytic activity in phage-type lysozyme (Gl...