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Whole-mount fluorescent in situ hybridization staining of the colonial tunicate Botryllus schlosseri
submitted by hado 14 minutes ago - Topic: Biology
Botryllus schlosseri is a colonial ascidian with characteristics that make it an attractive model for studying immunology, stem cell biology, evolutionary biology, and regeneration. Transcriptome sequencing and the recent completion of a draft genome sequence for B. schlosseri have revealed a large number of genes, both with and without vertebrate homologs, but analyzing the spatial and tempora...

Prevalence of childhood abuse among people who are homeless in Western countries: a systematic review and meta-analysis
submitted by oreil 16 minutes ago - Topic: Health
This article systematically reviews studies of prevalence of childhood experience of physical and sexual abuse in adult people who are homeless in Western countries. Medline, PsychInfo, and the Cochrane Library were searched using the.

Effect of dual tasking on intentional vs. reactive balance control in people with hemiparetic stroke
submitted by yfronq 17 minutes ago - Topic: Health
To examine the effect of a cognitive task on intentional vs. reactive balance control in people with hemiparetic stroke (PwHS). Community-dwelling PwHS (n = 10) and healthy, age-similar controls performed two tests, which included the Limits of Stability Test (intentional control) and the Motor Control Test (reactive control), under single-task (ST) and dual-task (DT) conditions (addition of a ...

Disrupting information coding via block of 4-AP-sensitive potassium channels
submitted by yfronq 17 minutes ago - Topic: Health
Recent interest has emerged on the role of intrinsic biophysical diversity in neuronal coding. An important question in neurophysiology is understanding which voltage-gated ion channels are responsible for this diversity and how variable expression or activity of one class of ion channels across neurons of a single type affects they way populations carry information. In mitral cells in the olfa...

Contribution of auditory nerve fibers to compound action potential of the auditory nerve
submitted by yfronq 17 minutes ago - Topic: Health
Sound-evoked compound action potential (CAP), which captures the synchronous activation of the auditory nerve fibers (ANFs), is commonly used to probe deafness in experimental and clinical settings. All ANFs are believed to contribute to CAP threshold and amplitude: low sound pressure levels activate the high-spontaneous rate (SR) fibers, and increasing levels gradually recruit medium- and then...

Dopamine neurons coding prediction errors in reward space, but not in aversive space: a matter of location?
submitted by yfronq 17 minutes ago - Topic: Health
Dopamine midbrain neurons are well known for prediction error coding in a reward context. A recent report by Christopher Fiorillo (Science 341: 546–549, 2013), however, suggests that these neurons behave markedly different when subjects get confronted with aversive, rather than appetitive, stimuli. Despite his findings being in line with indications of appetitive and aversive stimuli bein...

A novel plasmid pEA68 of Erwinia amylovora and the description of a new family of plasmids
submitted by moreonni 18 minutes ago - Topic: Biology
Recent genome analysis of Erwinia amylovora, the causal agent of fire blight disease on Rosaceae, has shown that the chromosome is highly conserved among strains and that plasmids are the principal source of genomic diversity. A new circular plasmid, pEA68, was found in E. amylovora strain 692 (LMG 28361), isolated in Poland from Sorbus (mountain ash) with fire blight symptoms. Annotation of th...

Stairs or Escalator? Using Theories of Persuasion and Motivation to Facilitate Healthy Decision Making
submitted by raeivran6966 31 minutes ago - Topic: Health
To encourage an increase in daily activity, researchers have tried a variety of health-related communications, but with mixed results. In the present research—using the stair escalator choice context—we examined predictions derived from the Heuristic Systematic Model (HSM), Self Determination Theory (SDT), and related theories. Specifically, we tested whether (as predicted by HSM) signs tha...

The Role of Hope in Financial Risk Seeking
submitted by raeivran6966 31 minutes ago - Topic: Health
One construct validation study and four experiments showed that the relationship between hope and financial risk seeking depended on whether or not the possibility of a hoped-for outcome was threatened. Whereas high (vs. low) hope decreased financial risk seeking when the possibility of a hoped-for outcome was not threatened, high (vs. low) hope increased financial risk seeking when the outcome...

The Latent Structure of Psychopathy in Male Adjudicated Delinquents: A Cross-Domain Taxometric Analysis
submitted by sakhonjon12 33 minutes ago - Topic: Health
The purpose of this study was to conduct a cross-domain taxometric analysis of the psychopathy construct using data from a popular rating scale and self-report inventory. A baseline measure of the 2 factor scores from the Psychopathy Checklist: Youth Version (PCL:YV: Forth, Kosson, & Hare, 2003) and Wave 1 (6-months postbaseline) measures of the Grandiose/Manipulative, Callous/Unemotional, and ...

Spinal bone metastases in gynecologic malignancies: a retrospective analysis of stability, prognostic factors and survival
submitted by trichas3111 33 minutes ago - Topic: Health
The aim of this retrospective study was to evaluate the stability of spinal metastases in gynecologic cancer patients (pts) on the basis of a validated scoring system after radiotherapy (RT), to define prognostic factors for stability and to calculate survival. Fourty-four women with gynecologic malignancies and spinal bone metastases were treated at our department between January 2000 and Janu...

Representing Feynman
submitted by 23456 33 minutes ago - Topic: Health
Fundamental to science and art, says Edward Tufte, is “intense seeing,” or seeing without the use of words. Widely known for his graphical depictions of statistical data, Tufte uses intense seeing to discover the meaning of large amounts of information, which he then shares by crafting elegant designs to represent.

Incoherent neutron scattering in complex systems
submitted by 23456 33 minutes ago - Topic: Health
Quasielastic incoherent neutron scattering (QENS) is an important tool for the exploration of the dynamics of complex systems such as biomolecules, liquids, and glasses. The dynamics is reflected in the energy spectra of the scattered neutrons. Conventionally these spectra are decomposed into a narrow elastic line and a broad quasielastic.

Pseudomonas triggers CFTR-mediated ASL secretion
submitted by 23456 33 minutes ago - Topic: Health
Cystic fibrosis (CF) is an autosomal recessive genetic disorder caused by mutations in the gene encoding for the anion channel cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator (CFTR). Several organs are affected in CF, but most of the morbidity and mortality comes from lung disease. Recent data show that the initial consequence.

REEs activate endocytosis in plant cells
submitted by 23456 33 minutes ago - Topic: Health
It has long been observed that rare earth elements (REEs) regulate multiple facets of plant growth and development. However, the underlying mechanisms remain largely unclear. Here, using electron microscopic autoradiography, we show the life cycle of a light REE (lanthanum) and a heavy REE (terbium) in horseradish leaf cells. Our.